Phytocode is a Bulgarian cosmetic brand which cosmetic products are designed for people with their own style and understanding of alternative luxury. These are modern people with a bright personality, which seek in the cosmetics innovation, quality and high natural content.

We care about skin health and in our formulation we use the newest and highly effective natural ingredients, developed on the basis of a deep study of natural processes and mechanisms. These studies can identify key substances that affect the cellular processes in the skin and determine the state of its health.

All our products contain an optimal concentration of active ingredients, which is indicated by their manufacturers in order to achieve the maximum effect. The effectiveness of the active ingredients is provided by clinical tests.

Each ingredient in our products has a role in skin care. In addition to this, they are selected to work in synergy and their effect is enhanced. Most of the ingredients are certified by the French organization ECOCERT.

Phytocode cosmetic products are formulated without: preservatives like paraben, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol; fats of animal origin; paraffin and petrolatum; mineral oils and propylene glycol; silicone; phthalates and sulfates, synthetic colorants; glycerin of animal origin; synthetic emulsifiers; alcohol.

All cosmetic ingredients and the finished cosmetic products are not tested on animals.

Phytocode – Decoding Beauty Through Nature!

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