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Brown Algae (Laminaria Digitata)

Origin –  North Coast of the Atlantic OceanThe seaweed is the simplest organism on our planet. It ...Origin  North Coast of the Atlantic Ocean

The seaweed is the simplest organism on our planet. It has only one cell, nevertheless it contains much more vitamins and valuable minerals than any other plant on the earth. The cosmetic industry uses the algae as an ingredient for facial creams, masks, for cellulite treatment. It contains various nutrients which are extremely valuable for the skin as they nourish, restore and hydrate it. All these nutrients can be found in a form which the human organism may use without any problems. 

Rich in polysaccharides and mainly alginates, Laminaria digitata belongs to the Laminaria genus which is well known in the food and agriculture industry for its gelling properties. 

Rich in polyphenols and minerals, it is also eaten in salads for its remineralizing and refortifying qualities.

Lastly, the extract has a high polyol concentration with protective properties, and also providing an energy reserve for our cells.

With age, stress and external aggressions, adult stem cells become older, lose their vitality and capacity to divide, so that skin renewal becomes slower and wrinkles appear and deepen.

The extract of Brown Seaweed acts on adult stem cells in the dermis in 3 steps:

1 - It restores ageing adult stem cells of the dermis with their capacity for division,

thereby stimulating their action.

2 - It protects adult stem cells from ageing by preserving and prolonging their efficacy.

3 - It rejuvenates fibroblasts, stimulates collagen synthesis in mature skin and erases


It is an active substance capable of rejuvenating and protecting adult stem cells, so that our skin retains its eternal youth.