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Rosa Damascena

Origin - Bulgaria

The Damask Rose was brought to the Balkans in the early XII century from the areas around Damascus and that’s the reason why it was named Rosa Damascena. The Kazanlak /town situated in the so called Rose Valley in Bulgaria famous for the production of rose oil worldwide / rose is derived from the family of Rosa damascena. The Kazanlak Rose is grown for its flowers, which contain essential oils with very complex composition, tannins, waxes, sugars, etc.. According to the method of extraction of the pink flowers several products are produced - rose oil, rose concrete, rose absolute and rose water. One kg rose oil is obtained from about 2000 - 3000 kg rose petals.

The Rose water is an aqueous solution containing volatile oils obtained by distillation of the Kazanlak rose (Rosa damascena). The rose water has anti-inflammattory, conditioning, regenerating, softening and toning effect on the skin. It is recommended for use in problematic and sensitive skin.
The Rose concrete is obtained from Rosa damascena through solvent extraction. The extract is subjected to vacuum processing which removes the solvent for re-use. The remaining waxy mass is the rose concrete. It is used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It has toning, astringent, regenerating, protective, anti-inflammatory and flavoring effect.