Phytocode new line – LB Microbiota care

In 2018, Microbiome will be the buzword in publications about cosmetic ingredients, cosmetic products, and skin care.

The Skin Microbiota or more known – Microbiome, defines all the microorganisms living on skin surface. They colonizes the skin butt do not belong to the body. The Skin Microbiota is determined from birth. At least more than 500 species of microorganism ensures skin’s health, its homeostasis, its beauty, and contributes to the enhancement of its immune protection. Every day, exposed to UV rays, pollution or even stress, the Microbiota balance is threatened and can disrupt, leading to dysbiosis – an imbalance of microorganisms – and skin imperfections and disorders.


French company Codif has studied the impact of our lifestyle on skin microbiota on 62 volunteers identified “without hectic lifestyle” or “with a temporary hectic lifestyle.” The analysis of the differences between hectic and non-hectic volunteers showed that the microbial print of the skin is completely different during a hectic period and dysbalanced, and also that the microbiota diversity is impact.


  • The skin pH decreases
  • Skin redness increases
  • Complexion homogeneity decreases


Whether we are unique, with different lifestyles, it is commonly admitted that we all need a healthy and balanced diet. It seems to be the same for the microbiota.

The solution created by Codif is named Actibiome®. It is a combination of different components which brings a variety of nutrients to ensure the biodiversity and homeostasis of the skin microflora. Studies show that within one week the active ingredient contributes to reducing redness and skin imperfections and evens the skin tone. This has proven that Actibiome ® improves the health and beauty of the skin.


To ensure users’ interest in the new concept, Codif conducted a survey of 540 individuals aged 30-55 years who declare they have sensitive and / or normal skin.

73% of consumers think that skin beauty depends on skin’s health. But although most of them use products for skin beauty, only 56% daily use product for skin health.

83% of consumers would like to use a cosmetic able to maintain skin’s health. They consider that some skin disorders are directly linked to skin’s health imbalance:

Dull complexion – 71%

Skin dehydration – 58%

Skin redness – 35%


After describing skin flora as microorganisms living on skin surface, and promoting it’s homeostasis and protection:

93% think that it plays major role in skin’s Health

89% think that it plays major role in skin’s Beauty

75% think we should act by Favoring Flora Diversity instead of promoting major species or eradicating less beneficial flora.


Actibiome® is the basic ingredient in the Phytocode new line – LB Microbiota care, because HEALTHY SKIN IS BEAUTY SKIN.

The cosmetic products contain Innovative Active Ingredients awarded Silver at In-Cosmetics, 2017 and Gold at In-Cosmetics 2015.

The products are enriched with Bulgarian Yoghurt Ferment, Vegetable oils and extracts and Antioxidants which protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment – dirty air, cigarette smoke.

All products are preserved with a preservative approved by ECOCERT for natural and organic cosmetics.

The line consist of: Gentle Daily Facial Wash; Skin Moisturizing Essence Lotion; Rejuvenating Daily Moisturizer, for dry and normal skin; Age Defying Revitalizing Cream, for mature skin; Firming Eye Contour Gel; Radiance Face Serum.





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